Invest in Our Future:

Mobilizing Funds
for Investment
in Communities

Invest in Our Future brings together philanthropic organizations in a national effort to ensure that the clean energy economy includes everyone.

About Us

Invest in Our Future supports philanthropic organizations to mobilize funds to ensure that unprecedented federal clean energy investments strengthen communities across the country, reduce pollution and transform our economy.

How We Help

Invest in Our Future will help strengthen communities across the country, creating more places where people are able to secure high-quality, well-paying jobs; have access to clean energy to power their homes and businesses; and benefit from government investments that foster positive community transformations.

Invest in Our Future endeavors to coordinate across philanthropy partners to strengthen efforts to identify areas in need of funding; provide grants to organizations helping underserved communities that need support accessing federal funding for clean energy; and ensure federal investments for clean energy are available for the next ten years.