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How We

Our Priorities

Invest in Our Future knows that philanthropy – and philanthropic collaboration – is crucial in connecting communities to federal resources, removing obstacles to a clean energy economy and addressing climate change. Our initial three-year commitment of $60 million annually will support four focus areas, which are designed to support communities applying for funds, expedite clean energy projects, accelerate clean energy workforce growth and build lasting support.

Support Communities Applying for Federal Funds

We help communities access federal funding for clean energy through philanthropy to support technical assistance providers and building capacity at the local and state levels.


Remove Barriers for Clean Energy Projects

Invest in Our Future will support grantees who can help simplify processes for identifying project locations, gaining necessary permits and addressing the concerns of diverse stakeholders. They will also help ensure local communities are the main drivers and beneficiaries of new clean energy projects.

Accelerate Growth of the Clean Energy Workforce

Invest in Our Future plays a vital role in addressing the urgent need for skilled workers in the energy transition by supporting new programs and partnerships to build a robust clean energy workforce.

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Build Lasting Public Support for a Clean Energy Future

We invest in lifting up the real-world examples of the energy transition as it happens, so people across the U.S. can see that the clean energy economy is happening now and can benefit everyone.